Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know..and Then Some

What Are The Dates For This Years Alternative Gift Fairs?

Please check <a href="http://www.altgiftfair.com/">here</a>

How Do I Apply To Be A Vendor?

Currently we are working on keeping our applications open all year so folks can submit when they are planning their year out. 

What Kinds of Artists Do You Allow?

AGF supports the work of Indiana based, handmade artists.

What Does It Mean That The Fair Is Juried And How Do You Decide?

With only 20-40 booth spaces available, depending on the show, we have instituted a juried process to allow artists to have a fair chance of being one of our vendors and to ensure that our artists best represent the spirit of what AGF is . We will often have a high percentage of applications in certain categories (usually jewelry & body products) and generally only accept up to 2 in each category.  It is also our goal to rotate up to 20% of our vendors in categories with a lot of applications every year.

What Are The Typical Reasons A Vendor Is Not Accepted?

Oftentimes it is because they are not local, handmade or reside in a category with a high number of applications.

If you are not accepted for this particular event, please don’t be discouraged. We want to see handmade businesses succeed, and that includes yours, even if we couldn’t get you into the fair this time . We appreciate those who show grace when faced with rejection, and we love those who are willing to try again. Please consider attending our fair to see the artists that are in your category and consider applying again.

How Do I Pay For My Booth Fee?

If you are accepted to be a vendor at one of our events we will send you a paypal invoice within the week. Please don't attempt to pay for your booth outside of this invoice as it helps up keep track of your payment! If payment is not made within 10 days your booth space will be forfeited to the next artist in line. 

Is My Booth Fee Refundable?

If you pay your booth fee and find you are unable to attend the show your booth fee will be refundable up until 4 weeks prior to the event. No refunds will be issued after this time for any reason.

Do I Need A Vendor's Permit?

You need to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue (317-233-4015) to obtain a Sales Tax Collection Permit. These permits can be obtained online at the IDR website or by going into the downtown Indianapolis office. The cost of this permit is $25 and is valid for two years.

You are also responsible for registering your small business with the IRS (1-800-829-4933) and collecting sales tax on the goods you sell. When taxes are due you will have to pay both income tax to the federal government and sales tax for your craft sales to the state of Indiana.

If you are interested in selling food products at the event, you are responsible for having the correct permits from the Department of Health.

Can I Share A Space With A Friend?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate booth sharing requests any more. 

Can I Rent Two Booth Spaces?

Unfortunately, due to the size of our indoor events, this is not possible. Our outdoor event will allow for this.

Do You Need Volunteers?

Yes! Please email us to let us know that you are interested!

Do You Need Sponsors?

Please check out our sponsor page for more information.

What is The PourHouse?

The Pourhouse is an Indianapolis based charity that works with those experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis. At our holiday fair we have a donation request from our shoppers to bring mens socks, razors, deodorant, soap as a free will donation to go towards supporting their work.